Rifle Services


At Stevens Accuracy, we primarily custom build Benchrest and Hunting/Varmint rifles to customer specifications All actions are customer supplied. We can supply all other components and complete your rifle or you can supply all components and we’ll build the rifle for a fixed rate.

   $650 - fixed rate for rifle completion if components are supplied. Includes chambering, finish inletting stock, bedding and gluing the action plus buttplate and trigger guard on BR rifles. Blueprinting of Remington actions for hunting rifles is included. Price does not include any shipping or applicable taxes


A wide range of chambering options is possible. Most popular standard and wildcat reamers are available. If we do not have a particular reamer for a chambering you desire, we will pay one half the cost of the reamer to complete your project. We chamber for custom and Remington actions only.

   $175 - includes barrel crown and bead blast or polished finish.


Barrels are fluted with 6 flutes of various sizes and depths on a horizontal milling machine.

   $140 - includes bead blast or polished finish and barrel crowning. Additional if rifle must be disassembled prior to barrel fluting.